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More sets. More content. Related: drum/instrument sounds VST sound samples A: Your choices are limited, of course, but here's one more: Sonnox is an interesting company and has a few different lines of products. I'm guessing this pack has a minimum price set by their distributor (analoguezone, iirc). What makes Sonnox (as far as I can tell) special is their focus on authentic instrument modelling. These instruments are good quality, come as a single VST or AU file, are fairly easy to use, and offer a fair amount of choice. Their stuff has some fairly unique characteristics as well, such as: The ability to automatically synchronise to host tempo (it will sound fine most of the time, but occasionally it can produce a crackle). Tempo sync via MIDI note number, not key. They have a fairly broad range of instruments, some of which are full-blown virtual instruments, and some of which are modelling plug-ins. For more details check out their product range, in particular their Tutorials section. Here's some more info, from their VST and AU pages (I am not affiliated in any way, I just like them): Their VST and AU product range offer a wide variety of sounds from acoustic to electronic, vintage and modern, sample-based and pure-modelling, snappy and expressive, with a growing number of new instruments and additional features. This pack includes almost 100 single sounds in WAV and MID format. Sonnox products have the ability to control the aspect ratio of the sound waveform, limiting the overshoot, and allowing you to hear both the attack and the decay in the sound. Their products offer these unique features in real time, so you can hear how they affect your sound: MIDI timing Tempo Sync Sustain Natural sounding decay Advanced filtering Drum sounds Amplified instruments You can buy their products from the Sonnox website. They have products in three different categories: Acoustic, Vintage and Modern, Electronic and 'Live'. There is a fairly good search feature that allows you to find a product by instrument type, category and by other parameters (i.e. price). In terms of VST and AU compatibility, they are fully compliant, with no compatibility issues. Circuit breakers are generally old





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