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BassBox Pro 6.0.2 Ok full version

A: The signature is B_VQT.st0. Creates an exe from file. It may be a trojan to steal keystrokes. The present invention relates to the field of apparatus, systems, and methods for treating fluids by mechanical agitation or mixing. The present invention is particularly suited for one or more of a variety of medical applications, including clarification, mixing, sterilization and other treatments of liquids, and is particularly suited for sterilization and disinfection of dialysis solutions and other medical liquids. Dialysis is a medical therapy used to treat patients suffering from end-stage renal disease. The therapy involves the artificial filtration of blood and its replacement with sterile dialysis solution. The treatment removes many of the toxins and other substances in the patient's blood while adding some essential nutrients and minerals to the patient's blood. The exchange of these blood-substitutes can be achieved by in-center hemodialysis (“HD”), peritoneal dialysis (“PD”), or automated home blood purification systems. In-center hemodialysis, for example, requires the patient to undergo several sessions a week in a treatment center, requiring the patient to travel to and from the center. Peritoneal dialysis is a type of dialysis that uses the patient's peritoneal cavity as a natural dialysis membrane. Here, a solution of sterilized dialysis solution and an electrolyte is introduced into the peritoneal cavity through an indwelling catheter. As the peritoneal membrane acts as a semi-permeable membrane, toxins and other waste materials from the patient's blood pass from the patient's blood into the dialysis solution through the peritoneal membrane. As with in-center hemodialysis, the exchange of blood and dialysis solution is accomplished by the patient traveling to and from a treatment center. Home blood purification systems are designed to provide the level of treatment that is suitable for the patient at the patient's residence. The systems may use membranes and pumps similar to those used in in-center hemodialysis systems, or may be designed to allow for continuous flows and smaller volumes of blood and dialysis solution. These systems are typically more compact and more efficient than in-center hemodialysis systems. Biological growth of microbes in fluids may be harmful, and may even result in death. As such, dialysis treatments should be performed in an

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BassBox Pro 6.0.2 Ok Full Version [BETTER]

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